Stubborn rash


I had a deep vein thrombosis in my left leg 31 years ago. For the past three years I have suffered from a red, flaky, itchy rash on the same leg.

The rash extends about 10cm down the left side of my shin and is worse when I have been standing for a while.

I have never experienced this problem on my right leg. I have tried hydrocortisone and E45 cream and although the rash may disappear for a couple of weeks it always returns to some part of my lower left leg.

My GP has been quite unhelpful, do you think I would benefit from seeing a specialist?


Itchy persistent rashes can be extremely troublesome.

Your previous deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the left leg may suggest the cause of the problem, as does the fact that the problem becomes worse on standing.

If venous drainage is impaired this compromises the circulation to the skin and predisposes to a form of eczema.

This could be a form of varicose eczema.

Specialist advice would be helpful. Investigation of the blood supply to and from the leg would help to clarify the diagnosis.